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The classic debate when it comes to planning wedding suits – should I rent or buy? Some will tell you of their horror experiences while others will boast about money that they either managed to spend or save. However, the answer to this question solely depends upon an individual’s circumstance. So technically, there is no right or wrong answer, but there are certainly some important factors to consider. Read on to learn about our thoughts on the buying Vs rental debate.


Buying means value for money

If owning smart suits is your thing or if you’ve always wanted one, you will know that you’ll be wearing it again after your big day. If you’re certain that you will wear the suit regularly, then buying will be more affordable than renting one in the long run. We say that wearing the suit more than twice is usually enough to gain your value for money. If you are open to recycling the suit – perhaps mix and matching the separates, then a purchase is likely to be the best option.


Buying allows for spontaneity

If you are a regular party-goer and often require smart attire for the events that you attend, having a suit to call your own is probably a good idea. Having a suit there ready will mean that you can attend events regularly with little notice. If you were to rely upon renting a suit each time you needed one, you would have to allow the time to place your order and collect it. From this, it is clear that the option of rental doesn’t work well with a spontaneous life.


Renting requires organisation

If you are the type of person who often forgets, you’ll need to make sure that you remember to return your hire suit - unless you want to be faced with a penalty. Someone will need to take charge of not just their own suit, but all the groomsmen’s too. Its also important to consider that if there is damage to one of the suits, then you will more than likely be facing a hefty fine – you’ll be responsible for the repair or replacement. If you prefer a simpler life, then the hiring option may not be for you - there is a lot to think about.


Buying means, you can freely alter

Having a suit of your own means that you are free to alter or adjust it to perfectly fit. Renting a suit would be a great option if your groom and all his groomsmen were the same standard body type. This would mean that there would be no need for a ton of alterations However, it’s very doubtful that this is the case. In renting a suit, the amount of alterations that can be made to the garments are limited. Buying a suit that can be adjusted properly will allow for your groom to look and feel his best in attire that perfectly fits.


In order to gain the full wedding experience, we at Master Debonair recommend that you buy your suit as oppose to renting one. You want to ensure that you look and feel amazing in a suit that fits impeccably. You’ll only have one wedding day (hopefully), so make sure that you don’t regret not looking your best.