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We're big dog lovers at Master Debonair, so we jumped at the chance to offer our HQ to Northumbria Police's Dog Section for puppy development training. Over the next 12 months, we will be welcoming puppies of all sizes and breeds to carry out environmental training to prep the dogs for future operational duties. The aim of the training is to build the puppies self-confidence and focus on making them feel comfortable in testing situations to recognise smells and noises that indicate illegal possessions such as cash, weapons, drugs and explosives. It was extremely interesting to have the dog handlers in HQ teaching us about the amazing work they do to keep our community safe, and of course, we were all in love with the dogs and puppies that were running around the office - we didn't want them to leave!


This isn't the average game of fetch you see in the park, the dog handlers start puppy training the police dogs with a ball, it helps them focus on an object and not take their eyes off it, just like they would if they found, for example, cash. The dog handlers placed a small sample of explosives around the warehouse and the dogs were put to work to find them. It didn't take them long, we knew straight away that they had found the explosives when their tail was in the air standing to attention and they were still staring at the hidden object. The handlers said that if they didn't tell the dog to come that they would stay there all day until called to make sure the evidence was found. They were all impeccably trained and obedient.


There may be a stigma that police dogs are 'vicious' or 'scary' but these dogs are as loving and needy as any of your pets at home - in fact, they are the dog handlers' pets and go home with them after a hard day at work. They are so obedient that they would only ever go into 'work mode' when told, apart from that they want cuddles, tickles, food and more attention.  


We loved having the dog handlers Paul and Arron in HQ, we put them in the Fratelli Tan with Fleck and Fratelli Dark Navy suits, Paul said "I never thought I could look this good in a suit, I find it really hard to find a suit that fits me properly" but at MD we tailor to men of all sizes and fits. Our aim is for you to look effortlessly stylish and feel good in any of our products. Oh, and don't forget the matching bow tie for your debonair dog!