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Beard Care 101 – Tips and Tricks to Grow and Maintain Your Beard 

Written 5th February 2021

Beards are on the rise in popularity and keeping your facial hair has never been as easy. These tips and tricks will keep your beard looking healthy and well-groomed on the daily without taking up valuable time in your day.

1. Trust the Process and Be Patient! 

If this is your first feat into growing beard, there are some “rules” that you should stick with to get your hair growing to its full potential. We understand there may be urges to trim and style, especially if it is a little irritating or it is looking a little un-even but try to resist! Aim to leave it untouched for the first 4 to 6 weeks of the growth process, this allows it to grow in evenly and can help you gauge what style would suit the length and thickness.  

2. Shape Your Beard to Your Face 

Each person has a unique face shape, and it pays to pay attention to this fact when it comes to shaping your beard. We suggest taking a photo of yourself face-on to gauge your face shape and decide how to style from there.  

3. How to Trim (and when to do it) 

Once your beard has had time to come through, or if you’ve had a beard for a while but are new to grooming, it’s likely you have a few unruly and unsightly strands to content with so it’s good to know how and when to trim to keep on top of it. We recommend investing in a high-quality trimmer and find the trimming method that suits you best, although this may take some trial and error so be prepared to make a mistake or two along the way.  

4. Keep It Clean 

Much like any other part of your body your beard needs to be cleaned, especially in the earlier stages of growth as it is the skin around it is already irritated without any foreign bodies getting trapped in it such as food. Like the hair on your head, you should aim to wash your beard 2-3 times a week with a specially formulated beard shampoo and conditioner like the Beard and Bones Beard Shampoo then pat it dry with a towel, rough and overzealous drying could lead it to frizz and the ends to become damaged and split. 

5. Oil Up! 

Beard oils can be a little difficult to navigate and are mostly down to personal preference, some can be too thick, others can be too greasy, and some may be too scented etc. But once you find one that works for you, they’re an invaluable product for supporting the health of your beard. One of the Master Debonair tried-and-true favourites is the Beard and Bones Beard Oil in Sweet Rum. 

6. Train Your Beard 

By saying “train your beard” we don’t mean teach it to do bicep curls, it’s simply another tip to help it keep your desired shape. Whilst trimming your beard regularly will keep the shape well, another step you can take is to brush it down with a beard comb every day to help tame unseated hairs and coax them into growing in a downward direction – holding them in place for the day using a balm or pomade like the Beard and Bones Beard Balm in Savage is also helpful for maintaining shape. 

7. Don’t Neglect the ‘Stache! 

It can be easy to become fully invested in just the beard and become neglectful of the hair that grows on your upper lip, but the moustache certainly deserves the same level of TLC. To keep it groomed and looking tidy you should aim to trim it up every 3 to 4 days using a pair of grooming scissors, focusing on the area just below your nose.  

8. Look After Your Health 

Every element of your body is built by proteins and fat and are heavily reliant on vitamins to stay healthy and strong, including your beard! If you’re really committed to growing a beard, then filling your diet with protein and foods that are rich in vitamins B3, B5 and B9 will massively support the health of your facial hair