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It is without doubt that the London Marathon is one of the greatest global running events in the world. This weekend (Sunday 28th April), the race will take place in Central London, where thousands of Pounds will be both raised and up for grabs.

The capital will see a total of 40,000 runners of which include amateurs, athletes and celebs, tackle the 26.2-mile race. Perhaps the best bit about the marathon is that it’s open to all people – no matter what your ability may be.

Starting in Blackheath, the race will end on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace ahead of a welcoming and enthusiastic crowd.

For what may be the hottest marathon on record, we have provided a guide on how to prepare your running attire for the race to ensure you get the best start possible.



The marathon takes place at the perfect time of year for weather conditions – it’s not too hot nor too cold. However, the British spring time is renowned for its unpredictability, so you will need to be organized for all possibilities.

Assuming that you are entering the race prepared – you will have been training in the coldest months of the year. The seasonal change from then to now, will need to be reflected within your running attire.

You must ensure that your running gear is of substantial quality and comfort. Avoid any clothing that will ruin your marathon experience at all costs.

It is so important that your kit is tried and tested. We recommend that you wear the clothes you plan to wear at least once before – this way you will have no nasty surprises. Nobody wants to deal with chafing or a nasty blister during a 26-mile run.

Your body temperature is certain to fluctuate so you need attire that will adapt with it.

The most important thing to consider whilst picking your kit, is the weather conditions. The day is predicted to be sunny, but as pre-mentioned, you must to be prepared for anything. Better to be safe than sorry!

In mild weather, a lightweight long-sleeved top with a ¾ length tight underneath a lightweight short, is a good option to stay at the right level of cool.

Try the ‘Nike Pro Men’s ¾ Training Tights’ with the ‘Nike Dri-FIT Miler Men’s Long-Sleeve Running Top’.



In hot and sunnier conditions, a t-shirt or vest is the best option to keep comfortable. Pair these will shorts or cropped bottoms. You must also be safety conscious and remember to bring your sun-cream and hat. You won’t be able to escape the sun’s rays and so you need to ensure you avoid the risk of sunburn.

Try the ‘Adidas Own the Run T-Shirt’ or the ‘Adidas Sub Singlet’, alongside the ‘Adidas Run-It Shorts’.



Cold weather will require a few more layers. In these conditions a lightweight jacket will be your best friend – great for providing that extra warmth, but light enough that it won’t add extra weight and drag you down. The practicality benefits of this mean that one can be added or taken away during the race, if the weather decides to change.

The ‘Underarmour Men’s UA Pick Up The Pace Jacket’, ‘Adidas Z.N.E Run Jacket’ or the ‘Nike Windrunner’ are all good examples.




There are areas of the marathon route where the crowds will lessen and therefore the encouraging cheers will die down too. We recommend that for these periods of time, you take with you your earphones and have prepared a motivational playlist to keep up your drive. Some people find the constant cheering to be off putting, so these quieter areas may be just what you need. To tackle the issue of practicality, there are plenty of accessories out there to ensure that you can listen to your music comfortably and safely without having to use your hands.

Wireless headphones are available from Sony, and a phone holder armband is a great option from Adidas.




Perhaps the most important thing to consider before you take on the marathon is if your trainers are up to scratch. Each runner is different in what kind of trainer they prefer to run in. Some will prefer a lightweight option where as others will look for as much cushioning and support as possible. The key is to find out exactly what works best for you. Irrespective of what you choose, be sure to wear them in to ensure that they will only enhance your performance rather than become a problem.

Some good examples would be ‘Adidas Duramo 9 Shoes’, ‘Adidas Alphabounce beyond shoes’, or ‘Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit’.



Hopefully now you can challenge the marathon feeling comfortable and looking great. Remember to have fun and to get the most out of the day. Don’t forget that it’s not about winning, it’s the taking part that counts. We wish you all the best of luck!