Merry Christmas to Me - Master Debonair's Gift Ideas

Posted on December 07 2017

'Tis the season for Christmas shopping. By now you may have spent a small fortune on gifts for partners, friends, parents, children or your beloved pets. But what about you? Surely amongst all that online spending there's room for a little gift to yourself. A retail pat on the back for a job well done, you might say. Here's our 5 favorite gifts a gentleman can buy for himself this week.

1. Owl Tie Clip

This is a statement tie clip which adds a subtle yet intricate detail into any smart outfit. It can be worn with any suit or tie, and helps you stand out in a crowd.

2. Guide London Brown High Collar Shirt

Our favourite shirt right now. I’ve always steered towards lighter colours in shirts but this brown shirt just goes with just about everything and looks great with Jeans.

Guide London Brown High Collar Shirt


3. Olive leather 8 piece Hat

A classic looking cap which not only keeps the head warm, but helps a gentleman look dapper with any suit.

4. Gibson London Navy Check Wool Blazer

This is what I’m wearing every day at the moment. It's stylish, deliberately detailed and very comfortable. It can be worn in a smart casual setting with jeans, trousers, and light coloured shirts of all types.  

Gibson London Navy Check Wool Blazer

5. Double Breasted Coat in Navy

This is a bit special and when we wear it we really don't want to take it off. Ok, it's not a cheap coat, but if you really are looking to treat yourself this season, this is the ultimate in self indulgence. 



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