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Cancel your reservations, go on, just cancel them! You didn’t really want to go out anyway, your brow was sweating at the thought of the Valentine’s Day upcharge and all you could think about was how much you could spend on clothes if you didn’t have to fork out for a £60 bowl of spaghetti!


Okay, so we know what you’re thinking now and the answer is NO. No you won’t be in the doghouse because you are going to pop into M&S and buy a dine in for two; job sorted, you spent £15 instead of £150. You’re welcome!


Now that we have managed to help the Valentine’s Day eater-outer save some money, we need to help the people who are trying to find that special little something. Ditch the box of chocolates. Christmas was only 46 days ago and I can guarantee your cupboard is still full of Quality Street and Celebrations. Buy your partner something they really want or, if you’re in a healthy happy relationship with ones self, make sure you don’t leave yourself out this year.


If you’re looking for a little helping hand or inspiration, take a look below at what some of the Master Debonair Staff will be gifting themselves this year.

I’ve gone with a smart casual look for the weekend. Using the Guide London Cotton Navy Geometric Floral Print Shirt as a base is great; it’s not the loudest of prints so it goes really well with a pair of jeans. Speaking of which...


These Guide London Indigo Slim Fit 360 Degree Stretch Jeans In Mid Wash are a great cut and have plenty of stretch in them, allowing for more comfort as they’re not too skinny.


Any of these Happy Socks would brighten up a weekend look, but I can’t choose between them. So I won’t, I’ll just get all four pairs! I’ve chosen these Justin Reece Dennis Toe Cap Derby Show - Brown Leather & Navy Suede to finish off my outfit. I love them; the navy contrast is a nice touch of detail and adds a bit of detail to your outfit.

I’m not really into the traditional Valentine’s clichés: heart-shaped chocolates, roses, teddy bears and so on. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Valentine’s Day but I would rather receive something that really means something to me. Flowers die and then you forget about them; I want a gift I can look at and think ‘Aww, Valentine’s Day 2018, that was a great day’.  I know you are all thinking I am being ungrateful but I really like it when somebody understands my interests and likes.


The Marc Darcy Dion Navy Tweed Blazer is one of my favorites, if you don’t already have one you need one. I can guarantee that if the singletons of today go out in this jacket, they won’t be single for much longer.


I’m already envisaging myself in this Knightsbridge Neckwear Burgundy Spotted Scarf. I’m inclined to anything with a spotted or paisley print, hence I have picked the Barker Paisley lasered shoes and belt.

I will be buying myself this full outfit but just to avoid disappointment, if my girlfriend is reading this please can you pay close attention: it would be nice if I was treated to something this year!


First up on my list is the Fratelli Brown Tweed Style Blue Check blazer and trousers. Since I was little I have always been interested in high quality, luxury suits; the main reason I started helping my dad out in our family business at the age of 13, a paper round didn’t cover the cost of one blazer arm!


I’m not stopping with just a checked pattern, no way! I’m going the whole hog and adding a bold Guide London Floral Print Shirt underneath!


I like to keep things traditional with my footwear and that’s why I will be wearing a pair of Justin Reece Dennis Toe Cap Derby Shoes with my outfit on the 14th. Did you hear that Faye?! I said ‘and that’s why I will be wearing a pair of Justin Reece Dennis Toe Cap Derby Shoes with my outfit on the 14th’.

Seeing as though I have been really well behaved with spending since Christmas, I think I deserve to treat myself to something or somethings this Valentine’s Day.  


I am a big fan of everything black and that’s why I have chosen the Skopes Black Dinner Suit Blazer and Guide London Shirt with Floral Velvet detailing. Adding a little extra flourish to my outfit are the Master Debonair Fleur De Lys Cufflinks.


I’m living in hope that I receive a Valentine’s present this year and I’m hoping it will be the Justin Reece Dennis Toe Cap Derby Shoe. These have been on my mind for a very long time now; they look smart but are so comfortable that if I were to close my eyes I would think I was wearing trainers.  Oh, and Gary: I’m a size 6. Thanks!