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Being from the North East, I’m always conscious of the weather. You can wake up and it be freezing cold, by 12pm there’s rainbows and at 2pm humongous thunderstorm.

Sometimes I don’t always want to wear a blazer over a shirt, I like to have some casual days and the Guide London Navy Half Zip Jumper is perfect for this.

I can’t tell you how many times I misplace or drop my laptop but now after buying the Berneray Harris Tweed I don’t have to keep going to see the Genius.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Guide London Mid Wash Jeans. Ideal for wearing outside the office.

Yep, I love a bit of casual downtime!

My number one tip is to always buy those standout pieces. Why wear something that will only make you blend into the crowd? No thanks! I love to walk into a room and make it stop, yeah I know sounds so vain but I do. If I know people are starring I know then my job is complete.

Some may look at the Marc Darcy Harding Cream Check Tweed Style Jacket and think it’s a bit too much, but what’s too much. Why let a colour and print scare you? Embrace that jacket!

I will be pairing the cream jacket with a Knightsbridge Plain Green Knitted Tie. I know what you are all thinking but don’t knock it until you have tried it. I tell you know this little beauty will look a treat! Add a Master Debonair Scissor Tie clip to be that little bit EXTRA.

Now I love a cosy night in with my Joely (boyfriend) and miniature Dachshund who is the love of my life, best thing since slice bread called Missy Moo. When we are all together on the sofa I love to spray a little bit of Black Pomegranate to make everything smell lushy and gorge.

As soon as I tried the Briglia 1949 Houndtooth Print Trousers on I knew that was I wasn’t taken them off anytime soon. Talk about looking like I just walked off a 1960s film set.

As my trousers are screaming “LOOK AT ME” I will wear a simplistic black Guide London Jumper with them and a crisp white shirt with paisley inspired contrast.

Everyman should own a good pair of black shoes and the Herbie Frogg Oxford Brogue is an essential item for everyman’s wardrobe.

I’ll be honest, there was once a time when I didn’t really get blazers. At school no one wanted to wear one. Only certain people who were scared of the teachers wore the correct uniform, those are the people I used to laugh at.

Now look at me, my wardrobe is filled with blazers and they surround my entire working life. As I get older I like to invest in my clothes and the Marc Darcy Eton Navy Check Tweed Blazer is something that will last you forever, you will be still pulling it out the wardrobe 5 years from now. Wear with the Knightsbridge Burgundy Silk Knitted Tie and Barker Hursley Oxford shoes to create the perfect outfit.

I’m always late and without my watch I would be even later. The Half Hunter Steampunk Pocket Watch is the perfect accessory to wear with a suit; it just adds that extra bit of “HELL YEAH.”