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Is your wardrobe looking a little outdated and a bit worn down? Maybe your best coat has seen better days and your favourite pair of trousers are beginning to wear thin? Ask yourself how long these pieces lasted, should they perhaps have stayed intact for a little longer?

Unfortunately, not all clothing is made to last, but at Master Debonair we carefully select all of our clothing on the basis that it is of the highest standard, so that even after many years of frequent wear, it’ll still be as good as new. When you shop with us, you’re getting the best quality, most on-trend styles as well as value for your money.

At Master Debonair, we are a family run business who understand the importance of current issues such as environmental conservation. Today, the environmental impact of the fashion industry is becoming an ever-growing concern, particularly with the rise of fast fashion retailers. Companies are choosing to mass produce garments to supply an ever-growing high-street demand. Big fashion retailers own the streets of cities making it harder for independent businesses to grow. When you choose Master Debonair, you can be sure our garments are hand-selected and ethically sourced from independent designers.

We specially source our garments by focusing on the craftsmanship and durability, so that they will not tarnish after just a single wear. Our suits will become a timeless piece to your wardrobe, allowing you to adapt your outfits to every season which will provide plenty of different looks so that you will always be on-trend.

Master Debonair offers a range of brands from Cavani to Herbie Frogg, each brand prides themselves on affordability and high quality - we only stock the best.

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